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Wireless Bluetooth Hi-Fi Speaker with LED Alarm Clock and USB port (Multiple Colors Available)

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Modern minimal design meets big, balanced sound with the compact bluetooth speaker which amazingly includes an LED alarm clock in a smooth, gorgeous metal wrapped body, The speaker offers quite a few options – use it as an alarm clock or Bluetooth speaker to play your favorite playlists and radio stations or albums , etc. from your smart device or favorite music streaming service. It has a feature where more than one can be connected and play in different rooms at once. The multi-faceted balanced sound from the compact speaker is perfect for filling spaces in your home with sound and reminders of the time! 

- AUX input
- Bluetooth enabled
- USB Charging Port
- Multi-room playback function
- Left/ Right play
- Features button to select favorite for one click play

Content & Care
- Metal, electronics
- Wipe clean
- Imported

Package  Size 
 114.17" x 68.90" x 64.96" (290cm x 175cm x 165cm)

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