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Apple MFi Certified Luxury Leather/ Gold Tip/ Wood Grain USB Wire (Multiple Colors Available)

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Keep your iPhone / iPad charged in luxurious style with this easy to carry, Apple MFi certified, USB wire. It has braided leather with smooth wooden ends protecting gold plated connectors that help prevent corrosion. High-end modern technology, natural craft, aesthetics, and art meet wonderfully in this sleek apparatus.

Apple MFi Certified
Each wire contains a unique, verified serial number and an authorization chip issued by Apple to ensure 100% compatibility with any for Lightning devices.
MFi is an abbreviation of "Made for iPhone", "made for iPad" and "made for iPod". This is Apple's licensing and certification program for electronic accessories that connect with their portable devices.

Braided Super Fiber Leather
Wear-resistant, breathable, age-resistant, and as soft and comfortable as a new car seat.
6 strands of super fiber weaving compact and beautifully woven to be strong and undamaged after long-term use.

Wooden Housing Protecting Gold Connectors
Mode of special processing providing extra corrosion prevention. Gold plated USB can reduce resistance, so that the charging speed will be faster, and it can reduce athe oxidation rate, so that it's more stable when charging.

Reversible USD
Double-sided USB connector is able to be plugged into a USB port in any direction, either right side up or upside down.

Warranty included!

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